What’s it like to have a Travel Nursing Job in Minnesota?

travel nursing job in MinnesotaWhat’s the travel nursing salary like?

According to bsnedu.org, The Minnesota Department of Employment currently ranks registered nurses as the second most in-demand occupation in the state. Because of this, travel nurses have a lot of opportunities to grow in their career with a traveling nurse salary. Based on Salary.com’s 2018 report, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and Saint Paul are the best paying cities for RNs depending on factors such as specialty, certifications and skills.


Nursing License Requirements

Minnesota is not a member of the nursing compact states (eNLC) but has a border state recognition. For a travel nurse, that means you don’t necessarily need a Minnesota license if you have an active nursing license in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin.

If you don’t hold a nursing license in any of these states, you can apply either by endorsement or by taking the exam. More details can be found at https://mn.gov/boards/nursing/licensure/apply-for-a-license/.

Food to try:

Just like its culture, Minnesota is also known as the destination for diverse culinary traditions. They’ve got influences from all around the world – Italy, Scandinavia, Ukraine and more! Indulge in the state’s best bites with our top picks:

  • Walleye – While you’re in town for a 13-week travel nursing assignment, you have to try walleye fish. You can have it as a sandwich, salad, tacos or even in cakes!
  • Swedish meatballs – A fun little fact about Minnesota: it has been home to Swedish immigrants for more than 150 years. Head over to the American Swedish Institute, walk into Fika Cafe with $12 in your pocket, and you’ve got yourself some delicious New Nordic cuisine.
  • Locally-made ice cream – Want to experience a mini-vacation? Grab a big scoop of ice cream! You’ll find artisanal flavors like roasted pistachios at Izzy’s, raspberry-chocolate chip at Sebastian Joe’s, chocolate malt banana waffle cone at Grand Ole Creamery. Now which one would you try first?

Places to visit:

Aside from visiting one of the many 10,000 magnificent lakes, here are some of the one-of-a-kind locations we think you should visit while on a travel nursing assignment in this culturally diverse state:

  • Walker Art Center – Want to get connected with your creative side? Visit the leading arts venue located in Minneapolis. Get engaged with contemporary design and get swayed by classical music and new jazz. This place is more than a museum. Experience many innovative performances during your day off!
  • Southdale Center – An architectural gem, this mall in Edina is one of the buildings that changed America. It opened way back in 1956 and is the nation’s first indoor regional shopping mall. With over 120 specialty stores, you can find something unique for your friends and family back home. So, are you ready to shop?
  • Theodore Wirth Park – Visit the largest park maintained by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. They offer several outdoor activities like archery, a golf course and a fishing pier. If you’re around during the winter, go for skiing, sledding and snowshoeing. Think you’ll slide or drift? Don’t worry, there are skilled coaches around.


Lakes, festivals, a small town charm… there are so many reasons to make a move and start your travel nursing journey in Minnesota. Give a call to one of our recruiters at 800-299-8132 and start applying for a position today!