What’s So Great About Travel Physical Therapy Jobs in California?

travel physical therapy jobs in California

There’s a reason why the west coast is often referred to as the “best coast”, but we’re not here to tell you your own reasons for wanting to travel there – only you can know that! We can, however, tell you why we love the sunny state of California. Sit back and enjoy our list of what makes travel physical therapy jobs in California so sought after.

Rollin’ in the dough

There’s no denying it: the great State of California has some high rates for physical therapists. Why? Cost of living. Demand. The general rule is that contract workers make more per hour than staff PTs. These things, coupled with the fact that you may be eligible for tax-free per-diem to cover the costs like housing and meals, could make you some big bucks.


California takes up almost the entire west coast, so naturally it provides a broad variety of landscapes to enjoy. You get miles of the most beautiful beaches in the world, mountains for hiking, mountains for skiing, breathtaking lakes, world-famous deserts…and the list goes on. You might have heard of a little city called Los Angeles? Or maybe San Francisco rings a bell? You can have big-city living and remote paradise all in a day’s road trip.

Add that facility to your resume

Did you know that travel physical therapy experience can work to your advantage if you ever decide to seek a permanent placement position? Each setting you’ve worked in adds something valuable to your resume. Enter California: you can rack up experience at some very notable facilities, applying your skills in a variety of settings at facilities known for their positive patient outcomes and efficient healthcare delivery.

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