Why Travel Nursing is Fun as an Empty-Nester?


Many empty nesters and soon-to-be empty nesters have the same question: what’s next? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the “freedom” that comes with the extra time, space and money you’ll have once the kids have grown up, or maybe you haven’t thoughtfully considered this phase of life yet. Either way, exciting life changes are ahead – if you’re a nurse, you’ve got more options and advantages than a typical empty nester. Here’s why choosing to become a travel nurse is fun pre-retirement and post-child-rearing:

  • You can ramp up your career. With as many years of experience as a nurse, you might be approaching career burn-out at around the same time your children leave home. This doesn’t have to be the case; travel nursing provides a chance to learn new things, bolster your experience at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country, witness innovative treatments and technology, and so much more. Rather than viewing your career as “all downhill from here” as you age, it can be up-and-coming as a traveler.
  • Make money to save for retirement or treating yourself. A big reason travel nursing is so attractive (other than the travel, of course) is the amount of money you can make in this career. Depending on the area you live now, you can nearly double (and sometimes triple!) your bring-home pay at hospitals across the country in dire need of nurses with your skill set. With just a few assignments, you can splurge for that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, or set it aside for the retirement years. No matter how you choose to spend the money, it’s definitely an incentive to consider.
  • Your experience will help you land awesome assignments. Many nurses in their forties and above who consider travel are worried that their age will work against them. Quite the contrary! If you’re in this age bracket, you have more experience, giving you a broader range of job opportunities to explore. Travel nursing isn’t only for the young, mobile and single – in fact, more mature and experienced nurses are just as common in the world of travel nursing as the twenty-somethings, because they’ve accumulated the experience and independence necessary to land some of the most coveted assignments.
  • Go to all the places around the country you’ve dreamed of exploring. When the average person dreams about living in wine-country California or snow-speckled Colorado, it’s just that – a dream. Travel nursing allows you to live those dreams with temporary assignments all over the country. Temporary, meaning you get to come home to your “real life” once it’s complete, or move on to your next travel adventure. Either way, nurses have the unusual ability to “live” all over the country without abandoning their home-base.

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